We are company invoved in international road transport. Stationed in Subotica, Serbia, we transport goods throughout Europe.

ND-Trans ND-Trans ND-Trans

What do we do?

Our vehicles are common trucks with semitrailers which carry mostly standard goods but we also have special vehicles, for transport of coils, mega semitrailers for goods 3 meters high.


Besides our common operations, our goals are also aimed towards constant improvement of our services. Following the requests of modern times, all our vehicles are in EURO5 class. Besides ecology, we tend towards modern technologies, so all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring devices, thus allowing us to always know exact locations of our vehicles and your cargo.

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Our Services.

Cargo transport

Following the CMR convention, we carry out transport of cargo through Europe. Besides standard, paletized goods, we are able to carry loose goods, and also steel coils. Besides that we carry out transport of good up to 3 meter height.


We export and import goods from Serbia to the next conuntries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Frace, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy. If there is need, we can provide transport to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. We also carry out transports for third countries (H-SK, H-CZ, H-D etc.)

Our vehicles

Our trucks are classic tent (tilt) and tautliners, 13.6 meters long, hight of 2.8m, 2.9m, and mega trucks 3.0m. Theese mega semitrailers have possibilities to elevate the roof for easier loading. We also have semitrailers for coils - coilmulde.

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Address & phones

ND-Trans doo
Vatroslava Jagića 7
24000 Subotica, Serbia

Phone: +381 24 4780 116; +381 24 4600 380; +381 24 4100 144
Fax: +381 24 4600 380
email: office@ndtrans.co.rs

Timocom ID: 058681

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